sites I have worked on (July 2013)

Wild Island

A Wordpress learning experience for me. Custom sidebars with custom widgets, custom menus, tons of CSS redesign, menu sprite tweaking, calendar design - a lot of work.

Wild Island

This map was created as a Google Map,
- the routes rendered by Google Fusion,
- the stops rendered from database information.

Denise Miller blog

My new speciality, tacking a blog onto an existing site, building a simple custom theme to seamlessly present the look of the site.

Denise Miller
Yolo Pops

These folks wanted to add a product with alcohol to their line, so I added an age check.

Yolo Pops
Battle Born Images

A site for my designer buddies. Designed by Cindy Deleon and implemented with my page classes. She was in love with Flash at the time!

Battle Born
Featherlite of Reno

A collaboration with Larry Barclay. This client wanted to have classified ads for their trailers for sale. Larry designed it, I implemented it.

Holistic Heart Healing

Designed by Battle Born Images, implemented by me.

Battle Born
Truckee Meadows Water Authority Landscape Guide

We completely re-worked the look and feel of this site, adding a few new features along the way. I re-wrote the internals using my framework classes and it went quickly and very well!


I worked on this site for over two years; a huge and hugely complex, award-winning web application for strategic planning. This link doesn't really show my work, the good stuff is password protected.
The implementation involves a five level hierarchy of goals and actions, three kinds of membership, which can each view and manipulate a particular subset of the tree, a large selection of reports and progress screens, each tailored to the member level ... and so much more ...
The demo does show you a lot of screens in the application if you have the patience to let it load. Gosh knows we could all use a little strategic planning!
March 2007:   This site has won a 2007 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement In Internet Advertising.

Kiley Ranch

Press releases, Jobs board, Neighborhoods pages, with dynamic menus. Working for the continued over-development of my beautiful Truckee Valley gave me some internal dissonance, but I perservered.

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow

A local non-profit here in Reno. I took over this site last fall. It uses Expression Engine (EE) for content management, so I've learned about that. I've redesigned and re-implemented the underlying member database and payment management - the original design tried too hard to stay within EE, and was totally inadequate to handling payments and such for future years.

Alliance Commercial

all me! The designer made the home page and a style sheet, and I did the rest – database design, page design, admin areas for the news, staff, clients, downloads.

NevadaCare Connection

Non-profit organization, I did a massive amount of work on a facility to send out automated mails to the resources who have registered themselves with the site.

this site! home-grown php based left side menu system and other goodies. My on-going long-term project is a photo-management system so I can better share my huge library of digital pictures and the stories that go with them. A couple of iterations of this are my Fall 2002 Road Trip pages (database driven but kinda klunky) and my various galleries. These are completely file and directory driven, which makes them a lot more 'lightweight' to set up and administer.


  • IS 101 - Introduction to Computers
      Truckee Meadows Community College – 2011
  • Introduction to Computers
      College of Marin – 2004 – curriculum
  • Accredited AutoCAD trainer
      Decision Vision, San Diego CA – 1985
  • Introduction to CAD/CAM, Algorithms
      National University, San Diego CA – 1982-1984