current activity (July 2013)

  • When I have paying work I do that. When I do not, that chunk of time goes to my endless project - WHUFU. This is where I keep my skills sharp and try out different techniques, and generally give meaning to my technical life.
  • I keep taking road trips, which does interfere with getting more work. These are the occasion for me to generate ever more WHUFU content:
    • blog posts to be written,
    • pictures, which need labelling and categorizing,
    • map entering
  • Doing a lot of Wordpress sites
  • Doing some Wordpress customization for my own purposes. I have two Wordpress blogs:
    • The older general-purpose blog is frozen I guess. Any new content goes into ...
    • the development blog. I've implemented some useful shortcodes and I'm experimenting with custom post types and categories and other customizations in my nice, clean personal theme. Shortcodes are undeniably awesome, the custom types and typologies may be more trouble than they are worth for my needs.
  • Doing cool things in WHUFU with Google Maps and Google Fusion
    Current method is to do routes in Google Maps and places from my database. The basic insight is that Places are just single points are so are pretty easy to administer in a database. Routes however are a huge pain in the booty to administrate, so the better bang for the buck is to just draw them and show them, use database info to populate their labels. I add data to the map in Fusion for more informative pop-up windows. More info here.
  • hacking away at JQuery and Ajax – click here to see this site re-done with Ajax.
    It was a pretty simple learning exercise. All these panels are simple html files, which I could load with .load() ... except the skills panel, which is done in PHP to do the even/odd shading automatically if I insert a new row. That made me learn the rudiments of .get() and .post(). I got a sweet little fade going on the right panel, but I haven't yet got it to work with the PHP-generated skills panel, so ... learning continues ...
  • keeping my blog current
  • stay healthy
  • make a little money
  • plan the next roadtrip(s)