full-time jobs (it's all been contract work since 2002)

2nd Sight Software Inc.
1701 South Novato Blvd.
Novato, CA  94949
senior programmer — 2001-02
Designed and built a CGI web application for site traffic analysis.  Coded in C++, the app retrieves results from an Oracle database using OTL, and serves up pages of DHTML and IE-specific JavaScript.  The JavaScript implements drop-down menus, a series of pop-up windows and client-side data analysis interactions.  The Domain Object Model as defined in IE 5.0 is heavily used to generate tables, trees and other page elements client-side in response to user requests.  This architecture means that the user gets nearly instantaneous response to these requests, since they are answered by the browser executing the JavaScript code rather than requiring a server request.
LagunaStreet Inc. Senior Programmer — 2000
2907 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA   (defunct - no phone,url)
Web page design, layout, and implementation using PHP and CSS, for an e-commerce site that never saw the light of day (sigh).
Autodesk Inc.
111 McInnis Parkway, San Rafael, CA 94903
Senior Software Engineer — 1991-99
C++ coding, using Visual C++ to build user interfaces with MFC and hard-core internals programming in the core of AutoCAD, migrating the help system to the Windows model, extending and upgrading the dimensioning system, upgrading the AutoCAD command loop. I was a technical manager for one Release, responsible for the help system and install.


Bachelor of Arts
cum laude
June 1970
Harvard College
Cambridge MA
major: Psycholinguistics
minor: Computer Science
Master of Science in Computers May 1974
University of Maryland
College Park, MD
major: Picture processing
           (image comprehension)
minor: Computation Theory