skills summary (July 2013)

google apps: Maps/Fusion Maps/Drive 5 years
other apps: Wordpress, ECommerce 6 years
client-side: JQuery, XHTML, Ajax, fancy CSS 6 years
server-side: PHP, C++ cgi 13 years
database: MySQL, SQL, OTL, Access, Oracle 13 years
design: user interface design, application design, design patterns, OO principles 32 years
connectivity: whatever the flavor of year is - XML, RSS, KML, CSV, JSON ... forever
Mac: Applescript, UNIX, customizing iPhoto 6 years
web admin: HTTPS, SEO, Subversion, CVS, Linux admin, Apache config 12 years
microsoft: .NET, VB, VBA, ActiveX, COM, ATL, Windows API, MFC 12 years
java: Java, applets, AWT, Swing, JSP, JSEE 2 years
cad: AutoCAD, ObjectARX(C++ API), VBA, LISP 8 years
learning: Google Fusion Maps, more Wordpress, more JQuery, more Ajax now

contact information

John Philip Freeman
524 Island Avenue
Reno, NV 89501
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